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Embarking on the surrogacy journey is a significant decision, and at ACRC Sapphire, we understand the importance of transparency and clarity in financial matters. Here, we outline the key cost considerations associated with our premium surrogacy program.

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The agency expenses associated with the Sapphire Program typically start at $100,000. Contact us to schedule a consultation to further discover the components and variable costs in the surrogacy journey.

What is Included in Our Agency Fee?

This fee reflects our commitment to delivering an exceptional and tailored experience for Intended Parents. You can expect executive oversight ensuring every detail is impeccably managed, an expedited surrogate match time, a personalized approach to matching, and a first look at donor profiles tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated Sapphire team is trained to provide a truly customized experience and offers direct access outside of regular business hours. You'll benefit from curated partnerships with fertility clinics that go above and beyond, and allotted travel days for crucial milestones, including the 20-week ultrasound and wellness checks.

Surrogate Compensation & Benefits

As part of ensuring a fair and supportive environment for our surrogates, compensation and benefits are provided. These cover the surrogate's time, commitment, and the physical and emotional aspects of the surrogacy process. The compensation structure is detailed and transparent, aligning with industry standards to foster a collaborative partnership.

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Medical Expenses & Legal Fees

Medical expenses encompass a range of costs, including fertility treatments, insurance, delivery expenses, and any unforeseen medical circumstances that may arise during the surrogacy journey. ACRC Sapphire works closely with medical professionals to manage and coordinate these expenses.

Navigating the legal landscape of surrogacy is a crucial aspect of ensuring a secure and seamless journey for both Surrogates and Intended Parents. Legal fees cover the drafting and review of contracts, parental rights establishment, and any legal consultations required throughout the process, and are paid directly to the legal team.

Additional Variable Costs

We know that no two surrogacy journeys are the same. Our concierge services extend to handling special requests for organic food and prenatal massages, creating customized birth plans to accommodate special requests, shopping for delivery day items, arranging thoughtful gifts on your behalf for surrogate birthdays and holidays, and so much more.

For a more detailed breakdown of costs and to discuss personalized options, please reach out to our dedicated team. We are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your surrogacy journey is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Your dreams of building a family are within reach, and we are honored to be part of this transformative experience with you.

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