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Become a Surrogate and Earn Up To $110,000!
Get started in less than 5 minutes!


Criteria to Become a Surrogate


Must be between the ages of 21 and 38.

Physical & Mental Requirements

Surrogate applicants must pass psychological and medical evaluations.

Criminal History

Surrogate applicants must agree to and pass criminal background checks.


Medical appointments and travel are integral aspects of the surrogacy journey.

U.S. Citizen & Permanent Resident

We do not accept Surrogate applicants from the following states: Nebraska, Louisiana, and Michigan.

Body Mass Index No Higher Than 30

Unsure of your BMI? Use the free calculator here.

Support System

Although our ACRC team offers continuous support to our surrogates, we want to ensure you have an adequate local support system throughout the journey as well.

One Successful Pregnancy

Must have experienced at least one uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, and have successfully raised your own child.

Non-Smoker and Non-Drug User

Including marijuana, even if you live in a state where it is legal. Drug screenings are part of the application process.

Finances & Living Conditions

Surrogates should demonstrate financial stability and reside in a healthy living environment. Participation in surrogacy may necessitate foregoing food stamps or other forms of government assistance.

Read What Our Surrogates Have to Say!

Samantha C

“I am currently a surrogate, and this agency has been AMAZING to me,My coordinator Shannon, is truly so sweet an she is always on call/ text away when I need her or have any questions, and I always get answers quickly! I would definitely recommend this amazing agency! They treat you good, they are efficient, and they actually care for you!”

Meredith Humes

“I’ve been with ACRC since December after going through the start up process with other companies. ACRC genuinely cared and gave me their time and attention when others made me feel like a number. My case manager is a saint and treats me like I’m her top priority. The clinic has been wonderful and this experience overall has just been amazing and ACRC has really put all their efforts into caring for people!”

Tiffany Burch

“Hello everyone if you are looking into becoming a surrogate I would chose ACRC they have been nothing but helpful caring and most of all like family always checking on me no matter what I have the best team ever not one bad thing always there to answer any questions I have or had and I can’t wait to start my 2nd journey in 2024 thank you Samantha and Shannon for always being there and being so loving and caring.”

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