• Surrogate Process

  • How to become a surrogate with Angels Creation Reproductive Center


    Submit your application online

    Upon meeting all the requirements about background, health, and motivation for becoming a Gestational Carrier, the application process begins with an online application.



    After submitting your application online, you will have a one-on-one call or in-person interview with our case manager where we will go over your application, discuss and describe the expectations for your upcoming journey in detail.



    The screening process consists on undergoing a background check and the review of your medical records.



    Your encrypted profile will be shared with Intended Parents who we believe will be a good match for you. If you are a good fit for each other, a video chat meeting will be arranged.


    Psychological and Biological evaluation

    Upon having a successful match, you will undergo a medical screening which includes HIV and STDs testing on you and your partner/spouse, as well as a psychological evaluation performed by a licensed mental health professional experienced in fertility counseling. The evaluation will determine your medication protocol to best prepare your body for the embryo transfer.


    Legal contract

    You will be assigned a lawyer to assist with the gestational carrier contract after clearance of medical and psychological evaluation is been received.


    Cycle preparation

    The fertility clinic will go over the medication and instructions of when to begin taking it, as well as communicate about upcoming monitoring appointments.


    Embryo transfer

    The clinic may prescribe birth control and medications to prepare your body for the embryo transfer. Bed rest will be required for 24 to 72 hours post embryo transfer.



    Blood test will be one within 10 days from embryo transfer to confirm pregnancy. Confirmation of heart beat will be performed through an ultrasound 5 weeks after the confirmation of pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy we offer monthly support group calls, pampering, quarterly surrogate appreciation events (for the family or sometimes pampering just for the mama, Girl Time), personal case management and annual retreats.



    Typically during and/or after delivery, intended parents and the ACRC team will be with you to give you warm appreciation, care and support.

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