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Surrogacy Insurance & Things need to know

Updated: Mar 13

Surrogacy insurance for intended parent | ACRC Blog

There are a lot of things that need to work on during the entire surrogacy journey. Surrogacy insurance is one of the top concerns of most of the intended parents asked. We truly knew that figuring out how to get surrogacy covered by Insurance isn’t easy. Especially everyone’s situation is different. So today, ACRC is here to share some frequently asked questions from our intended parents and do our best to make the process clearer for you before moving on to the journey. 

There are majority two kinds of Insurance be involved in surrogacy. One is life insurance another one is health insurance. 


For Life insurance, it covers the accidental surrogate death of surrogacy. The coverage is between $250000 and a million. That depends on the surrogate benefit package. In most states, there is no requirement of the coverage amount. However, in NY state, it required minimum coverage of $750000. The insurance term is 12 months, and you shall pay a one-time insurance premium of about $350- $1000 depending on the coverage. It must be enrolled after the surrogacy contract is executed. 


For health insurance, It covers the surrogate’s OB checkups, delivery, and postpartum checkups. Most of monitor IVF clinic does not accept Insurance for the surrogate monitor. As an agency, we help our surrogates to enroll in their health insurance once the enrollment opens. Typically, the enrollment season starts on November 1st and ends on December 15th. However, there is special registration may available in some states. For example, the special enrollment will end on August 15th this year because of the pandemic in California. The insurance duration should cover the entire journey until three months after the baby is born. Then, if the surrogate has a complication, the Insurance would extend for another three months to cover the surrogate checkup. However, in NY state, the health insurance policy has covered at least 12 months postpartum. Therefore, we would not know the actual amount before enrolling it for the selected surrogate. By giving a better picture of the estimated costs for health insurance, the premium depends on the surrogate’s age, location, and policy, in an average amount of $550 per month. The coverage is 70-90% of the medical bills, and the minimum out-of-pocket is about $4000. 

If you’d like to learn more about surrogacy, please get a complimentary consultation with our specialist. Our team is here to help and guide you through the entire surrogacy journeySurrogacy.

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