• Intended Parent Process

  • How to work with Angels Creation Reproductive Center


    Submit your application and make appointment online

    The application process starts with an intended parent application form, and schedule appointment your consultation online.


    Free Consultation

    After set up appointment, you have an agreement to have an hour free consultation with us. You may ask to get pre-screening.



    The screening process goes through hormones, AMH and basic follicles tests.


    Free consultation with IVF doctor

    Once you provide all screening results to us, we will arrange a doctor appointment over Skype, WeChat, Line or in person.


    Cycle preparation

    After doctor appointment you will receive a protocol from fertility center, will inform you on when you need to take your medication, how much and upcoming doctor appointments.


    IVF Cycle

    You will take medications for approximately 2 weeks to stimulate your ovaries. And regarding your hormones status, the retrieval happens approximately on the day 14th of your period.


    Embryos results

    After egg retrieval, the laboratory does ICSI in the same day, and embryos culture for 5-6 days. Then PGS will be finished in 10 days.



    Once you have high quality embryos available, we will introduce surrogates as your specific requirements. And arrange a meeting if you are good fit for each other.


    Sign with ACRC

    If successful matched, you will sign ACRC retainer, and deposit first fund within 5 business days.


    Surrogate Clearance

    Surrogate obtains medical and psychological clearance and medical insurance review.


    Surrogacy Contract

    Licensed attorney drafts the surrogate contract, consults with intended parents. The surrogate attorney reviews. And then finalized surrogacy contract signed and notarized by both parties. Attorney issues legal clearance.


    Second Fund Installment

    You have to deposit second fund after legal contract signed within 5 business days.


    Embryos Transfer

    Surrogate will receive protocol informed on cycle preparation and when surrogate needs to take medication, how much and upcoming doctor appointments and embryos transfer.


    Pregnancy Tests

    After embryos transfer, surrogate goes back to fertility center in 10 days to get first pregnancy test. And gets second pregnancy test in 48 hours. After one week surrogate goes back to fertility center to check fetus's heartbeats.


    Third Fund Installment

    After fetus heartbeat confirmed, you have to deposit third fund within 5 business days.


    IVF Center Graduate

    Surrogate will be continue monitored by fertility center till 10th week of pregnancy. Then surrogate goes to OB/GYN appointments.


    Pregnancy Management

    ACRC will monitor and manage entire pregnancy until delivery. And keep intended parent updated on each doctor appointment.


    Newborn Services

    ACRC assists obtaining all legal documents after the baby born.

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